All data you are using within the web applications of the Company Panteon Group d.o.o. have been collected, stored and may be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov - ZVOP-1), as announced in Official Gazette of Republic of Slovenia No. 86/2004. Data have been stored within databases installed in computer servers having the limited and selective access. Subject data may be used exclusively for the work in connection with Web applications of the Company  Panteon Group d.o.o. and are not allowed to be transmitted or to be disclosed to third parties. We are preventing from the unauthorized access to these data by use of appropriate security technologies and procedures.  



Use of HTTPS or SSL protocol


HTTPS (Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure), as distinguished from HTTP (Hyper Text Transport Protocol), is a protocol enabling the completely secure access to the Web servers, ensured by its use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is enabling the use of the secured channel for the data transmission by the application of digital confirmations (certificates.) 


It means that data that are being exchanged between the userís browser and between the Web server have been appropriately coded or encrypted before their transmission. In this way, the possibility that the data would be intercepted or read by the third party, has been really reduced to the minimum. 


Level of protection is dependent on the size of encryption key (measured in bits).

The longer is the key, the more difficult the content of the message is readable. (In use are 40- and 128-bit keys).


Company Panteon Group d.o.o. is using for the secure transmission of the data the 128-bit key, issued by the Company Go Daddy. As the certificate of the issuer Go Daddy has been already installed in the MS IE browsers, no additional installations from your side are needed.



Use of cookies


As the user registration system is connected with the userís name and userís password, that are stored within the database, the use of cookies has to be ensured. Cookies are textual files, that are being sent by our server to your Web browser. These files are being stored in your hard disk and they are enabling the Web browser to operate in undisturbed way with Web applications of Company Panteon Group d.o.o.






Required settings for undisturbed functions of Web applications of Company Panteon Group d.o.o. .





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